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Coronavirus: Time to consider online school?

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Across the globe, children are now being sent home from schools as the Coronavirus tightens its grip. This extreme measure which would have been unthinkable only a few weeks ago is now the new normal. Many children, especially those who are facing exams have now been left facing uncertainty.

Apart from the social problems and care issues experienced by millions of parents, many schools have not been able to put home study programs in place. Some schools are trying to set up online learning and a comprehensive supply of homework, but in most cases, it is a steep learning curve for the average school to even consider.

There are no comprehensive guidelines in place. Many schools lack the technical resources to suddenly come up with online course work. In the UK, A level students have been told that their exams are now cancelled and their marks achieved in their mock exams are in fact standing in as their marks for the real exams now cancelled.

The pupils are expected to suddenly be able to revise and work from home (course work will add towards the final examination grade) and for many children, this new freedom from school will have catastrophic effects upon grades and education. There are also concerns about behaviour and boredom as millions of children attempt to cope with this new regime.

If you are already homeschooling your children, you do not have these concerns. Your child’s education will continue more or less undisrupted by the Coronavirus and you will not have to cope with major lifestyle changes when it comes to lessons.

Homeschooled children are accustomed to treating the home environment as the classroom so in most cases are self-motivated and well organised when it comes to fulfilling their school obligations.

We imagine that many parents will now be looking at online school resources, and this option is certainly worth considering, even if you have never thought about homeschooling in the past.

Online schools can provide education for all ages so whether you have young children at home or teenagers, you can find the right space for your needs. Continuing with your child’s education is very important and the beauty of the online school is that you can find the organisation that reflects the education system of your country.

For your child, an online school will be a welcome experience. It will provide a reassuring structure, once the novelty of being at home wears off and with monitored lessons and feedback provided by the online tutors, you may find that your child does much better under this system than they even did at school.

We are not minimising the dangers of the Coronavirus. This crisis is causing chaos and the dangers cannot be overestimated. Already experts are saying that the world may never be the same again. However there may be an upside and if you try online schools and find that your child flourishes under the new system, it could be just one of the life-changing consequences of this unusual and difficult time of crisis.

AUTHOR - Umm Adam

Founder & CEO of the British Online School.

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