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British Online Schooling Academy (BOS Academy) is a UK based private online academy that intervenes in the field of home education to support parents who opted to educate their children from home. We provide classes for children from Reception to Year 11.

Specialised in online teaching since May 2019, before Covid-19. We offer the Cambridge International Curriculum delivered by our qualified and experienced teachers. We teach hundreds of children from all corners of the world every day.


As a Muslim faith school, we welcome children from all faith and our aim is to provide a safe environment for parents around the world who are homeschooling, not eager to send their children to public or private schools, or to those who struggle to continue to home educate their children on their own for many other reasons.

Instead of sending your child every morning to school, BOS Academy comes to you every day. All you need to do is connect your child to their virtual classroom by using a computer, laptop or tablet. All our classes are taught online in total interaction. We use a virtual learning environment system specially made for online learning which is user friendly. In our virtual classrooms, we have a whiteboard, a chat, and cameras and children and teachers can see each other like in a physical school.

Our teaching pedagogy is inspired by the Finnish education system, which has been proven to be the best in the world. Research has shown that children need “Brain Breaks” in order to relax after efforts. Our lessons last 45 mins and both students and teachers have a 15 minutes brain break between each lesson they have. Students have three to four lessons per day.

We aspire to offer enjoyable and relaxed classes with NO STRESS and NO PRESSURE, as this is what home education is all about. Too many students become overwhelmed when they have to sit for standardised tests and end up failing most of the time when in reality, they have the capacities to succeed! To avoid this, BOS Academy has well-designed classroom tests and quizzes. We believe, and this is through strong experience in teaching and observation in class, that assessment should be done in class through the teacher’s observation. They are the ones who know their learners the best and give effective feedback. 

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We provide student-centred learning which is based on the constructivist theories of education championed by the Swiss clinical psychologist Jean Piaget. Using this method of transmitting learning, our teachers can ensure learning takes place so our students can excel in their education. 


Classrooms with too many students in an online school do not allow structured learning. Having 20 to 30 students online is way too much and not efficient at all. In these conditions, students switch off quickly and no attention can be given to them as the teachers feel overwhelmed and cannot have control over all the students. Once a teacher loses the attention of a student, it is very challenging to get it back quickly. This is why we have small groups of students per class in order to facilitate this learning and make sure children study in a good environment and teachers can give each child great attention. 

We are here to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society.

We aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere which forms a sense of belonging amongst the families. We maintain an inclusive environment for all and strongly believe that children should learn to value religious and cultural differences.

Our students, in their rich diversity, working together in harmony, are an inspiration and source of hope for the future.  We strongly value this diversity and we are committed to inclusion. We work hard to ensure that each child is known well by all their teachers and in turn, know and express themselves with authenticity and confidence.

We welcome children from all faith and our aim is to provide a safe environment for parents around the world who are home-educating and not eager to send their children to public or private schools, or to those who struggle to continue to home-educate their children on their own for many other reasons.


At BOS Academy, we follow these 3 principles: Practice, Patience and Perseverance. 


It is well known that standardised tests fail to account for students who learn and demonstrate their academic proficiency in different ways. Students are assessed throughout the year based on their performance in class and the weekly quizzes they complete, which greatly improves recall and retention of information.


Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. At BOS Academy, we believe that students’ learning should not be rushed. If a student does not understand the first time, we must be patient and trust their learning pace! How any individual student learns is a complex mixture of motivation, ability, previous knowledge, learning opportunities outside the classroom and other factors, and that is something the student can know. 


Perseverance is essential for achieving any goal. Achieving things takes time, which is why BOS Academy believes in perseverance. Even if students don’t achieve or master something right away, they can keep persevering toward their goals. For many students, perseverance can be challenging and BOS Academy is here to encourage and support them to reach their goals. 


Our vision is to encourage our students to achieve their full potential, by implementing the 3 principles of the school: Practice, Patience and Perseverance.

At BOS, we know that a happy student is a successful one. We are committed to providing a positive and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop new skills. We want all children to enjoy their learning journey with us and achieve their potential to become independent life-long learners.

Open your home to learning and join us!

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