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Children pulled out from schools is increasing worldwide.

But, why?

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Homeschooling is on the rise worldwide and there is no single reason why this is the case.  There are a variety of good reasons why this type of learning may be the best one for you and more importantly for your child.

All parents and pupils are different, and whether you have concerns about the standard of education available locally, need to move around for work and don’t want to subject your child to a succession of different schools, or are looking to save money on private education; homeschooling can provide a good alternative.

One reason why homeschooling has become more popular is that it is much easier to do now than it was in previous years. You do not need to hire the services of a private tutor or learn the full school curriculum yourself in order to teach it. This is because of the availability of online schools, who deliver a full and varied education, which can be personally tailored to your child, yet also deliver the standards of a first-class education.

If you live in an area where you need to pay for a good education, such as in GCC Countries (KSA, UAE, Kuwait…), many parents are discovering that homeschooling is a great value alternative especially if you want British education for your child.

Fee-paying British schools are expensive and become more so as your child progresses through their school life. Many GCC residents have complained that the regular price hikes have made it impossible to afford, so many are turning to online schools. However, most parents report that their children are thriving in online schools and are doing well under their new homeschooling regime.

An online school is much more cost-effective than a private school based on the British education system. It provides the same education online as is being taught in the conventional classroom, and whether you opt for a free online service or pay fees, this option offers affordability.

Homeschooling, with the support of online schools, can be much better for your child as well. It gives your child the chance to enjoy first-class education where he or she has the structure of regular lessons and coursework but the freedom to develop own interests and to work at his or her pace. There are no concerns with being left behind the rest of the class, or so far ahead that your child becomes bored or frustrated.

There are some concerns about homeschooling. This type of education does put a lot of onus onto the parent. It is not as easy as dropping your child off for school in the morning and picking him or her up at the end of the school day. You do need to ensure that your child has plenty of opportunities to join clubs and mix with his or her peers. However the bottom line is that we do all want the best for our children and more many families, homeschooling with the support of an online school is the best option for all.

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