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Home education VS Public school education

Are homeschooled kids smarter?

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Most parents choose to homeschool because it’s safer and also more efficient for their child. Depending on the situation, homeschooling has the potential to help a child learn more and specialize at an early age.


However, is it possible for homeschooled kids to be smarter than the others? Let’s find out.



According to a study from the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, it seems that homeschooling has the potential to make kids smarter. Of course, this relies on structured homeschooling, which includes formal assessment, trained teachers and textbooks.


There are many reasons why homeschooling can bring advantages. The primary one is the fact that the learning process is improved. The teacher won’t have to explain the same thing to 20-30 kids. Instead, they will focus on a single child. If that child has a question, they will learn with great ease and that on its own can be an extraordinary experience.


The only benefit that public schools have would be social skills (but this is another topic we will discuss as social can also turn bad with bullying etc.). However, homeschooling offers that type of benefit while also bringing in a small learner environment, more focus on the topic and added academic time. There’s no need for commuting either.


Instead, the child will receive all the information and also get to work on understanding every topic at his own pace. There’s no pressure and that can be a good thing. These things help boost the power of homeschooling to the next level. It just makes the experience a lot more exciting and the results themselves can be very convincing and interesting.


The main focus right now has to be on personalization. Having a single teacher for 20-30 kids is not going to work anymore. Online schools or homeschooling are better because they provide a fully personalized experience. Children won’t have to struggle with understanding a topic. Instead, the teacher will be there to help them understand everything and that on its own can provide major advantages. It makes things a lot easier and more convenient while also eliminating any challenges that can arise.



Homeschooling in the UK has increased by 40% over the past 3 years. It’s a clear sign that professional, personalized classes are much better and they can bring in front outstanding benefits. Since homeschooling doesn’t create recluses, it just makes things a whole lot better and more consistent than ever before. Having control over all these little things certainly helps quite a bit, and it will bring in front rewarding results every time.



Will homeschooling make kids smarter? That’s hard to say, but the potential is a lot higher.


The reason is simple, kids are not dealing with the added pressure from studying amongst 20 or more other children. They will have a teacher that helps them right away and who offers comprehensive guidelines. If you take care of your child’s learning patterns and times and stick to this, they can be smarter than other kids which go to a traditional school. The reason is simple, they will focus a lot more on the things they have to learn as well as avoiding wasting time on classes that may or may not bring any benefits.


  • Umm Affan Hashmi | Dec 22, 2019 at 2:28 PM

    Agree with all the points above. The undivided attention and allowing children to learn just what they want does set homeschooled children apart.

    • admin | Mar 17, 2020 at 4:00 AM

      Thanks a lot!

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