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Behaviour & Attendance Policy

Last updated November 1, 2022.

We expect high standards of behaviour and good manners as the norm. In order to ensure a positive experience for all at the British Online School, courtesy, respect and self-discipline are always encouraged.

It is important that all students remember the ‘three Rs’:

– Respect for themselves

– Respect for others

– Responsibility for their actions

Everyone is expected to treat others as they expect to be treated.

1. Social Norms

The school has the following universal behaviour expectations.

Students will:
▪ Follow staff instructions
▪ Speak calmly and quietly
▪ Be polite and respectful to all

2. Behaviour

In lessons, there are three possible outcomes of behaviour:

1 – All expectations met

2 – Expectations not met

3 – May be removed from learning due to poor behaviour

When a student is not meeting behavioural expectations, the following process should be followed:

The British Online School has the authority to deal with all disciplinary matters arising and to delegate disciplinary powers amongst the staff as appropriate.

Parents and students accept the authority of the school unconditionally. In very serious cases of ill-discipline whether from the parent or the child, it may be appropriate for the school to suspend or expel the family.

Parents agree that the school has full authority to suspend or expel them (parents or students) in these circumstances. Parents will be contacted immediately by the school if they are suspended explaining the circumstances that have led to the suspension.

3. Attendance

Taking students out of school during the academic year can be significantly damaging to students’ learning and is actively discouraged.

Please note that appointments for routine dental or medical appointments should be made, out of class time.

If appointments with specialist consultants during the school day are unavoidable, please let us know as soon as the appointment is made in order to assign the missed work.

If you do need to take your child out of school for one or more days, please inform the school as early as possible.

4. Complaints

If parents or pupils have a complaint relating to either the behaviour and attendance policy itself or its implementation in the school, they should refer to the school’s complaints policy. Please see the school website for more details.

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